WEXT | Your English
Learn English
with a proven approach
WEXT offers an effective, personalized and innovative approach to language learning that combines proven methodologies with the latest educational technologies.
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  • Learn in small bites!
    Our lessons are short and easy to follow, delivered in bite-sized sections. This makes your learning more efficient and will help you with comprehension.
  • Learn from your mistakes!
    Our platform gives you the information you need to adapt your learning, with real-time pointers of where you need more support.
  • Learn with Intelligent Feedback!
    Our intelligent feedback is based on what you do, giving you personalized advice on where to focus your attention.
  • Learn the entire language!
    Our approach supports the development across all language skills; grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and speaking.
  • Learn by hands-on!
    It takes a systematic approach to new vocabulary acquisition, and provides productive language learning activities.
  • Speak up!
    Language is not something that you can learn in a vacuum – you need to communicate! Our platform provides interactive features to help you speak up.
Learn English with human and Artificial Intelligence
By combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence and expertise, WEXT can model your learning behaviors to find the most effective and efficient learning strategies for you.
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  • Your learning style
    WEXT offers content that matches your learning behaviors
  • Your pace
    WEXT helps you learn at the pace that best suits your skills
  • Your goals
    WEXT creates the opportunity to focus on what you want to achieve
  • Your progress
    WEXT provides real-time, ongoing evaluations so you understand your progress
Learn English with all the right media
WEXT brings together a huge range of films and animations to support your learning. Our media suite – developed with Oxford University Press – is designed to engage and motivate learners.
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  • Learn with Entertaining Films!
    WEXT presents grammatical structures, social English phrases and vocabulary through enjoyable and vivid animations to help you improve your language skills.
  • Learn with level-appropriate videos!
    Learn with a rich mix of authentic and engaging materials filmed especially for your level.
  • Learn with Premium media resources!
    Animations illustrate the most challenging abstract concepts, enriching the learning environment and increasing engagement.
  • Learn the real-world language!
    The short movies were filmed in London and New York to improve your everyday, social English language.
  • Strategize your learning!
    Helps you find your own learning strategy to activate schemata and provides a more memorable learning with key concepts.
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