WEXT | Your English
Sophisticated technology with
academically proven methodologies.
Highly-sophisticated technology combined with
AI and proven methodologies.

Smart Education was founded on one core belief – that we could enrich people’s lives and careers by transforming the way they learn languages. We achieve this by combining the latest artificial intelligence with world-class content.

Our platform offers an effective, personalized and innovative approach to language learning that combines proven methodologies with the latest educational technologies.

AI specialists and
language professionals

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, the team has completed numerous successful eLearning projects and helped hundreds of thousands of students to develop their language skills.

WEXT is a candidate to be one of the fastest-growing technology start-ups in the English Language learning sector, an industry currently worth around $80 billion globally. We believe that our innovative platform will help to revolutionize the experience of millions of English language learners around the world.

different about us?

Our specialists have teamed up with experts to create a new approach to language learning. We’ve adapted content and methodologies developed by the Oxford University Press so that they work within a highly-sophisticated and adaptive language learning solution powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In short, we’ve brought human and artificial intelligence together.